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Little things mean a lot!

29 Apr

This week a really lovely thing happened. I went to a meeting with a parent at her child’s school to discuss his exam entries. She didn’t quite understand the process. To me, I’m happy to help, it’s my job. Anyway, the meeting happened, things got resolved and we left. The next day she presented me with a gorgeous bunch of flowers! I was blown away, what a great and unexpected gesture! It really made me smile even more than normal.

The next day however, I got into a deep discussion with an ex student who insisted that it is not necessary to complete school with exam qualifications. In his words, he had met a millionaire who had left school with nothing. Okay, yes, they are out there but I honestly believe he missed the point.Life is not all about money, there are so many other things that we have to do in life that life skills are key. Life skills that we teach and learn in school. Throughout the process, the student gets a sense of self respect, self discipline and pride in what they can ultimately achieve. This may well be life as a millionaire but most of all, it will be more of a fulfilled happy life which can be passed on to future generations.

My student’s mom got this. Those flowers take pride of place on my dining table and every time I look at them I know life is good. This led me to think about organising one giant free revision session for GCSE students this month. A session where 50-100 of them can come along and get some assistance. It’s going to be good and hopefully will lead to even more smiley faces come results day.

Emotional intelligence and life skills are not easy to understand for teenagers. They haven’t lived enough yet to see the importance of them. We should just keep on pushing through though. Encouraging them and spreading the word that whilst money is useful, true unconditional happiness is the most valuable asset they could ever own. It comes from within.


One way to always having a smile on your face! It’s infectious!

28 Apr

One way to always having a smile on your face! It's infectious!

22 Things Happy People Do Differently

27 Apr

In this life, I am convinced that happiness is what really counts. If I can do one thing everyday to raise a smile on someone’s face, it’s a day well spent. Happiness is free and everyone deserves a slice at some time and as often as possible.


The Road to Contentment

26 Apr

The Road to Contentment

A few moments taken each day to reconnect really helps. In doing this I find that finally, I understand what contentment feels like. I love to share this with my students. The message is just stop and think from within, it can change so much.

A Balancing Act

22 Apr

I have said it before, there is nothing like exam times for highlighting issues with the way people feel, think and behave. I am not a politician, nor would I even purport to understand a politicians mind but surely, like everyone else they can see that the budget will never be balanced if tomorrow’s leaders are lost.

Honestly, most of us would love to power on through every glorious day we are given and not pass any of our thoughts on to those younger than us. I am as guilty of this slip as the next person however am conscious of it and work hard on keeping my mind open to all the lovely things that happen everyday. In this way, I hope to pass a good habit on to my children and my students. No matter what happens, cuts in jobs, cold winters, rising prices, there is absolutely always something to be thankful for! Start your day as you want it to proceed , with a smile, a stretch and a big thank you!

With this habit comes belief in yourself that all things are possible. Life is great, you have it, yours is special and can be any flavour you want it to be. This is so important at exam times. Imagine the power of that feeling when sitting in the exam hall.

So now I have to name those students who have inspired me recently and believe me, this is not to take anything away from those who have inspired me along the way Ms Kenya Barnett, Mr Khaiyo Powell, Mr Noel Davies, Mr Joe Gerardo, The Amazing Mr Nathaniel Nelson-Roberts, Mr Leigh Ramsey, Mr Dwaine Roberts, The talented Ms Nadège, I could carry on and on really. Even those not here know I have pure love for them.

And to the teachers I had who taught me to love and believe, I owe them and try to give as they gave to me. Especially Ms Elaine Carabin, Ms Eileen Leatt, Mr Europe Singh.

In our minds we all have these lists. They keep a smile in my heart


What more job satisfaction!

22 Apr

What more job satisfaction!

I know it’s all been worthwhile when even the most challenging student starts to smile at their progress.

The importance of confidence.

21 Apr

‘What is confidence?’ , a question I am often asked in a week. It’s a difficult concept for young people because they confuse it with arrogance . I mean, there is an often used phrase out there called being ‘a boss’ or being ‘a g’. These terms also come with that term ‘respect me’. I would argue though that real confidence involves having that belief in yourself and really working at living your best life possible. Doing the things that really make you feel good from within so that the sun shines for you all of the time.

You see, I work with a lot of young people in education. I love it, truly there is nothing more fabulous than seeing young minds, or any minds to that, develop. It’s a little sad sometimes when they don’t appreciate all that they have to give and when exams are approaching, don’t quite take themselves seriously enough. There is this underlying current that society owes them, or will provide. They miss out on that wonderful feeling of doing it for themselves. It is, I believe, a fear, or lack of confidence.This is important for I believe that confidence in themselves will get the results. If they take what they know and apply it well, how great results day will be.

This was clear this week when a few students who have come to me as kittens have grown into real lions and lionesses! They learned to believe in themselves and how to focus on their happiness and achieved such fabulous grades. Well done guys!

So confidence is key, one day they will be bosses but they should recognise, a boss is confident and positive in their outlook. They are happy to pass this confidence on to those looking up to them. They inspire and lead a happy, full , good life.


A teacher’s role

21 Apr

A teacher's role

The top line of our role in shaping students.

Real Happiness

4 Apr

When was the last time that you spoke to a young person who could honestly say they are happy with their life now? That is not thinking about a past that they cannot change or a future that is still being created but now. One of the reasons I wanted to work with young people is the appreciation of how  true happiness bring joy to a person’s life. The feeling that all is well is just what every child deserves. It seems to me though that this is made more and more difficult by the government and their squeeze on society. It gets harder as adults to shelter young people from the seriousness of the situation and so unfortunately what is created is never decreasing circles. It can’t just continue though can it? When we look at things from a whole society perspective, we must begin to see that everyone has something to offer, everyone has a story to tell and with us teaching not just knowledge but emotional intelligence, this life can only get better day by day.

The affects of those welfare reforms, yuk!

2 Apr

The new welfare rules are so badly reasoned its horrendous, hideous! This is so far reaching and has serious consequences for a generation. As people become squeezed and forced to live in more cramped homes in order to survive, education is bound to take a back seat. What can this lead to except a generation which has little confidence, self esteem, skills, education, social and emotional skills . The list goes on. There has got to be a better way, what more can be taken away from us, we need to find a way to challenge this before it is too late. Every Child Matters 


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