Real Happiness

4 Apr

When was the last time that you spoke to a young person who could honestly say they are happy with their life now? That is not thinking about a past that they cannot change or a future that is still being created but now. One of the reasons I wanted to work with young people is the appreciation of how  true happiness bring joy to a person’s life. The feeling that all is well is just what every child deserves. It seems to me though that this is made more and more difficult by the government and their squeeze on society. It gets harder as adults to shelter young people from the seriousness of the situation and so unfortunately what is created is never decreasing circles. It can’t just continue though can it? When we look at things from a whole society perspective, we must begin to see that everyone has something to offer, everyone has a story to tell and with us teaching not just knowledge but emotional intelligence, this life can only get better day by day.

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