imageimageimageI have dedicated myself towards contributing to making learned behaviour count. Society today, in my opinion has lost it’s focus slightly. The young people have begun to lose faith in their abilities as their families and contacts try to survive in an ever changing world. I love them all and chose to work with young people to try and save more of them, to show them what a truly happy and successful life can be like. I like to show them how to make the most of their talents and to be proud but to maintain love and respect for themselves, their families and their fellow man.

My business Codey Learns Ltd (www.codeylearns.co.uk,@codeylearns) has been developed to do just that. The underlying theme is that you can learn something from everyday activities. You can Enjoy Learning Everyday, Enjoy Life! Codey is my son and I watch him learning new things and its just awesome. I love the smiles and laughter. We have story text books and merchandise to open up learning to all. I absolutely am dedicated to bringing about a confidence and happiness in young people that will make them want to carry on spreading confidence in their skills to others.The learning starts at http://www.ebonygold-education.co.uk Can you just imagine a world of this mutual respect. Wow!

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